Here at Mura Pathway to Wellness, natural health and wellness isn’t just something we promote, it’s who we are, and it guides how we run our centre every single day. We only recommend products and services that we believe in and personally use.

Mura Pathway to WellnessThese are the principles which Mura Pathway to Wellness is built on:

Avoiding Electromagnetic Signals
When you walk into our beautiful clinic, you’ll step into a totally different environment. There are no mobile phones and signals, there is no Wi-Fi, and nothing with an electromagnetic signal. One of our principles is that certain technologies and signals can cause health problems, and for that reason, we are careful to create an electromagnetic-free space for patients and practitioners.

Healthy Living
We are passionate about healthier lifestyles, and want to teach as many people as possible about new ways to improve their health. We recognise that there are many different pathways that may help you to reach a state of wellness, and provide a safe and welcoming place for a range of healing services and teachings to come together.

Natural and Organic
We are committed to supporting and providing products and treatments that are organic in origin or as close to organic as we can get. We believe that consuming and supporting organic and local products is essential to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, and we thoroughly research the background of all brands and products to ensure they meet our standards.

Fair Trade
Fair-trade is all about supporting those who produce our food and products, and ensuring that they receive fair wages, good conditions, and focus on sustainability. We mainly recommend products that are listed as Fair-trade.

Care for the Earth
We carefully selects products and suppliers that are committed to sustainability for Mother Nature.

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